The Benefits Of Wool Rugs

Wool has been used for centuries to create many useful items, including rugs.

Wool is very resilient and its texture allows it to very quickly recover from crushing or indenting caused by footsteps or furniture. This natural resilience also keeps the rug looking new and fresh for longer periods of time.

Wool has a natural ability to resist staining and soiling. In fact it has more than a 30% higher rate of stain resistance than even the best synthetic fibers. It’s so good at resisting stains because of the natural light lanolin that coats the surface of the wool. This coating helps stop dirt and stains from actually penetrating the wool leaving any soiling on or near the surface. That’s why spills on wool is very easy to clean.

Wool fiber is also flame resistant providing natural flame retardant without the addition of chemicals. Because of this wool is an excellent choice for any room in your home and especially for children’s rooms.

Wool is also very durable and will last for many years without showing signs of wear. While wool rugs cost slightly more than synthetic rugs, because of its exceptional long life it can be a better choice than other types of rugs because you will quickly recoup the extra cost in the additional years of wear.

Sheep produce wool to protect themselves from a variety of climates and natural elements. Of course when man uses wool these natural capabilities remain intact. Natural wool actually has two different types of wool cells – the orthcortex and the paracortex.

Each lies on the opposite side of the fiber and grow at different rates. This causes a coil spring that makes the wool very elastic. The natural shock absorber allows the wool to quickly spring back to its original form. In fact wool fiber can be stretched more than 35% and still easily return back to its natural shape.

This protective barrier also stops water from easily penetrating the wool fiber making wool water resistant. But more than being water resistant wool is able to absorb about 1/3 of its weight in moisture and yet still not feel damp. This natural quality of wool allows it to remain warm and recover from pressure points quickly.

Wool rugs are available in a wide selection of styles, patterns, and designs. Because of the process used to dye wool rugs the colors are fade resistant and unless they are exposed to direct sunlight on a continuous basis you should experience very little fading.

Wool has the ability to provide a long lasting functional product that exhibits outstanding beauty. There are a variety of patterns and styles available in wool rugs and these days old world craftsmanship is being combined with new world technologies to produce outstanding results. A wool rug will provide you with years of enjoyment and durability.

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