Making An Inspiration Reality

Many of us browse interior design or home decorating magazines and websites looking for inspiration. Sometimes we find something. Sometimes we retreat, telling ourselves “I can’t get that look. I wouldn’t know where to begin.” Sometimes we tear a picture out and “file it away” for when we get around to the re-decorating project.

One evening in September 2008, while at the opera, a gentleman sat flipping through the program before the curtain went up. His eye landed on an ad for NW Rugs. He had discovered what he had been looking for …the living room in the picture was exactly how he wanted his SW Portland living room to look. He saved the picture. Flash forward to 2010, when he and his wife set upon the task of re-doing their living room to match the photo ad.

(the inspiration photo/ad - creases and all)

The couple contacted our Tanasbourne Showroom and told their story to our design consultant, Jacque Hubl. She immediately recognized that the rug in the picture was no longer available. This of course did not deter Ms. Hubl from the hunt for a rug that would meet the couple’s need and desire. The couple had begun sourcing the furniture and the rug was one of the last pieces to go into the finished room.

Choosing the rug last can be challenging but not daunting. Often designers begin with the rug and pull all the complementary colors, textures and patterns from the rug. Fortunately, this couple was clear on what they wanted and had a picture to work from, so that made the search much less challenging. With Ms. Hubl’s assistance, they selected an excellent "near-match" in the form of a beautiful wool contemporary rug from the New Wave Collection by Momeni.

(The inspiration realized)

It is true, duplicating what you find in a picture or on HGTV exactly can be difficult. However, achieving the same feel, style and overall impact is not. With the assistance of a design consultant or experienced sales professional who is willing to work with the client as long as it takes to see the project to completion, re-creating a magazine quality look can be achieved.

We at NW Rugs pride ourselves on the level of service we provide our designers and clients. Perhaps you are trying to re-create a look you have seen. Bring in pictures and/or any color swatches and paint chips you have and our team of experts will work closely with you until your inspiration becomes a reality. We have seven locations to serve you. We're here to help!