Campaign Desks: Practicality, Functionality and Style all in one!

What makes these desks especially useful in today’s homes is the size and utility of them. They can be tucked in a corner and close compactly. They open easily and facilitate a laptop perfectly. The wood finish and tones complement any color scheme and since they are “historical pieces” they are timeless and blend nicely into the overall décor.

Picture a young officer on campaign in one of Britain’s many colonies, enduring the sweltering heat of Africa or India all the while missing the comforts of home. A campaign desk much like this one, decorated in burl and inspired by the Edwardian period would likely have accompanied him.

An antiqued wood fold-over campaign desk, the hinged top opening to reveal four fitted drawers, on twin baluster turned end supports and sleigh feet joined by a pegged stretcher. (a) Also available in 'faded chestnut' antiqued wood. CB71004

Campaign furniture was built to last and to fold up for ease of travel, as well as being able to withstand the rigors of the campaign trail. The box-like top protects the interior and folds open to reveal pigeonholes for letters and frames for photos – perfect places to keep pictures of a true love left behind.

An Edwardian cherry campaign desk, flip top enclosing fitted interior, square tapering legs, undertier. A in 'ashdown distressed' leather, 'buffalo distressed' leather and ‘oxblood distressed' leather. 7105-101

Perhaps late at night, by lantern light, the young man would sit at his desk, gaze upon these pictures and pour his heart and soul into letters destined for a lucky young lady waiting for him back in the gardens of England.

An ash burl campaign desk, the fold-over top opening to reveal a leather inlaid writing surface, on twin turned end supports with down-swept legs joined by a turned stretcher in 'ashdown distressed' leather. The original is 19th Century French. 7105-169AD

An ash burl campaign desk, the fold-over top opening to reveal a leather inlaid writing surface, with a frieze drawer on square tapering legs with spade feet in 'buffalo distressed' leather. The original is Edwardian. 7105-173BD

If you are drawn to more substantial sized pieces…

An Indian mahogany bureau desk, the sloping fall enclosing a plain desk surface and a fitted interior of drawers and pigeon holes above lopers and drawers with brass handles enclosing a concave knee-hole with further drawers, on bracket feet. The original late George III. 7105-163

A George III mahogany pedestal desk, brass gallery leather inset top, ratcheted reading slope, three frieze & six pedestal drawers, plinth bases. Available in multiple leathers. AL71015

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