Lazy Evenings at Home with Friends

More and more, people are inviting friends over for drinks and nibbles rather than going out to dinner or throwing lavish parties with large amounts of food. One of the easiest, most efficient and attractive ways to provide your guests with all they need in one accessible place is to use a multi-tiered table on wheels.

Put the snacks (small sandwiches, bruschetta, antipasti, etc.) on the top shelf; plates, glasses and ice bucket on the second shelf; bottles and mixers on the bottom shelf - good to go. How easy is that. If you want a more formal look, add a cloth and silver platter to the top shelf. Either way, it is sure to please your guests and it will make your job as host/hostess much simpler and stress-free.

Here are two wonderful choices...

Above: A French provincial oval three tier lamp or serving table, the partially turned gallery top & tiers on square supports & castors. (28-1/2 x 17-3/4 x 29-1/4 inches)

Above: A Victorian walnut & burl three tier oval serving table / lamp table, dished tiers, turned supports, castors. (26 x 18-1/4 x 27-1/4 inches)

You can also use these for coffee and dessert service, tea and sandwiches, or a birthday cake with the presents on the lower shelf. This is one of those all in one furniture pieces no home should be without.

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